Office Relocation


This relocation endeavor is being made with the single, united purpose of upholding the AMHA’s mission of preserving, promoting and perpetuating the American Morgan Horse for generations to come.  AMHA also acknowledges and will continue working hard to ensure that the history and legacy of the Morgan’s New England heritage is not lost but rather celebrated by all.  In continuing with the Board’s mission to maintain transparency with the membership in all endeavors, updates and additional supporting documents will be provided as available.  The board will continue to keep the membership advised of the progress of this transition.

Sept. 9, 2019:      Press Release announcing Approved Relocation

Sept. 9, 2019:      Relocation Proposal Presentation, Power Point Slides

Sept. 9, 2019:      Link to Kentucky Horse Park Overview Video on YouTube

Sept. 9, 2019:      Link to About Lexington Document

Aug. 19, 2019:     Link to FAQ's 

Aug. 6, 2019:     ‚Äč  Board Letter to AMHA Membership