Standard Operating Procedures

What is an SOP?

SOP#TitleImplemenation Date
A1 Director/Staff Relations 11/10/2007
A2 Determining Director Numbers 1/18/2012
A3 Document Retention Policy 2/2017
A4 AMHA Litigation Committee 11/10/2007
A5 Suspension Policy-Moved to an office SOP 2/18/2009
A6 AMHA Professional Service Provider Contacts by Board Members 11/10/2007
A7 AMHA Board Expense Reimbursement Policy 11/10/2007
A8 Audio & Visual Recordings at AMHA Meetings-Obsolete 11/10/2007
A9 Conflict of Interest Policy 11/10/2007
A10 Internal Control Audit Procedure 11/10/2007
A11 Board Meeting Opening Remarks 11/10/2007
A12 Creation, Distribution, & Posting of Minutes from AMHA BOD Meetings - Moved to office SOP 11/10/2007
A13 Working Committee Functions & Structure 11/10/2007
A14 Notice of Special/Emergency Board Meeting 11/10/2007
A15 Bylaw 2.2 Detail 5/1/2008
A16 Election Inspector Duties-Obsolete 2/13/2008
A17 Election Recount Policy-Obsolete contained in A33 2/13/2008
A18 Review of Voter List-Obsolete contained in A33 2/13/2008
A19 Informing Members of Bylaw Changes 2/13/2008
A20 Committee Meeting Schedule 2/13/2008
A21 Executive Director Performance Review Process and Compensation Determination  - Obsolete contained in A34 2/18/2009
A22 Agenda for Annual Meeting of Members  5/1/2008
A23 Grievance Committee Process and Form 2/23/2011
A25 Director Emeritus Policy 1/18/2012
A27  Action for Ethics Violation 3/21/2012
A29 Executive Director Employment Committee  - Obsolete contained in A34 5/31/2012
A30 Procedure  for Vacancies;  AMHA Board 8/16/2013
A31 Membership 11/16/2013
A32 Posting of Info 9/6/2014
A33 AMHA Election Recount, Review of Voter List 2/26/2015
A34 Executive Director Employment Committee; Structure and Function 2/26/2015
A35 Nominations for the Board 11/4/2017

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