The Horse That Chooses You

People sometimes ask me “Why “The Horse That Chooses You?”
— well here's my answer and some from Morgan owners…
The Morgan is easily recognized for his characteristics: distinctive head, expressive eye, deep bodied, and free moving. The Morgan is known for his great qualities: intelligence, willingness, thriftiness and good sense.
But beyond all those things, the Morgan is known for his charisma and companionableness. The breed exists solely because  it pleases people. The Morgan seeks a relationship with everyone he meets…he truly chooses to be with YOU. Whether nuzzling you through the barn door, sharing carrots on the trail or giving you that knowing look of
“We can do this!” in the show ring—the Morgan is part of your family and shares life with YOU.

Michelle & “Major”

The first time I saw The Major General, he stuck his neck [which at times seems to be retractable] out of his stall and stopped me in my tracks. He looked at me with a deeply penetrating sentience that said, “You are mine.” From that moment, I have belonged to him. Major is one part Medici, one part Mick Jagger, one part Charlie Chaplin, one part Edward Cullen. His beauty is defined by his sense of humor, his dorkiness, his athletic prowess, his creativity. Defying gravity with his frolicking or expressing his perfectly timed comic genius, I often believe my only purpose in life is to witness his virtuosity. To watch him play games [complete with structure and rules] with his first born foal or stand sentinel over his goats is like living alongside a legend. Thank you for choosing me, Major. You have made my life much less ordinary.

Michelle Blackler, Iowa

Phil & “Bentley”

I heard about a horse for sale nearby, and I went to see it. When I walked out in its pasture, it was there with two other horses. The Morgan walked straight to me. The other two horses didn’t notice that I was there. One look in his beautiful eyes and it seemed like he was saying take me home with you. A few days latter we purchased him. His name is GDT Bentley. He is very special to us.

Phil Pearo, Vermont

Jennifer & “Rose”

I grew up riding Morgans, they were a huge part of my childhood. But life and growing up took over. A career in the military and a family took priority. My husband knew there was something missing from my life and asked if I wanted to look into getting a horse. I searched and the only one we were able to go see that weekend was a Morgan! They are hard to find in south Texas. When we went and saw her, she had been turned out in the hill country and looked a bit ragged from it, but still beautiful. She came up to me and immediately nuzzled me when I scratched her ear. It felt straight out of a movie. That’s when I knew she had picked me.

Jennifer Dahlstrom, Texas

Kate & “Song” and “Bridey”

“Take me,” HollyBrook Pretty Woman, then two-weeks-old, said to me. A year later, she continued to call me from the HollyBrook pasture. I responded. As a two-year-old, Song was badly injured with a high splint bone fracture and multiple contusions. Ten years later, the leg refractured and Dr. Redding at North Carolina State did a successful surgery. Right before her tragic death, Tristanne Weber was conditioning Song for breeding. This spring Song gave me a colt, Weybridge, sired by UVM Abington. Last week he left his good mother and ran over to me. “I’m yours,” Bridey whinnied. His mother nodded her head.

I was chosen twice!                                                

Kate Sheldon, North Carolina