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Horse Illustrated to Feature Morgans—An Advertising Opportunity

April 5, 2021

The Morgan will be the featured breed in Horse Illustrated’s July 2021 issue. Horse Illustrated is the high circulation, general interest equine publication with more than 70,000 print subscribers, newsstand distribution from Walmart to Tractor Supply to Barnes and Noble, as well as an online presence.

AMHA plans on supporting the feature with advertising to promote our breed. The AMHA marketing committee will sponsor a two-page spread illustrating the breed’s versatility and advertising AMHA’s programs. There are two ways AMHA members can get involved:

  1. Directory pages:  AMHA is designing a state-by-state directory under the heading “Where To Meet The Morgan.”  This directory will enable the general public to locate a farm to 1) take a riding or driving lesson on a Morgan horse, 2) obtain assistance in locating a Morgan horse for purchase, or 3) be able to stop by to visit Morgan horses.  This is not the appropriate venue for farms limited to specific services such as boarding, training or show horse sales only.  Advertisers in this directory should be open to working with the general public. Farms meeting this criteria can be listed on this page for $25/per listing (this is half the cost of the listing; AMHA is funding the additional cost as a benefit).  A sample layout is included in this post.  To participate, fill out the information requested in this link  AMHA will bill members $25 for inclusion.
  2. Individual, private advertising: If you want to promote independently in conjunction with the breed feature you can contact Horse Illustrated’s advertising representative directly. They are offering their least expensive contract rate to AMHA members (Full page, $1450; Half page, $870; Quarter page, $580—design service is included in the price). Contact Darien, (707) 280-1074 or Their deadline is May 4th. Earlier is always well-advised.

AMHA believes this is an opportunity to share the story of our amazing breed with members of the more general equine community.