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Bioveta QUAD Equine Blend: It's All About the Healthy Shine!

September 8, 2021




Press Release - Dateline: Carrollton, Texas, August 10, 2021 

Bioveta QUAD Equine Blend Presents:  The 4 Step Clean and Groom for your horse. 


Bioveta Quad Equine Blend introduces an award winning innovative 4-step system of clean & groom products for your horses, show animals and pets. We supply revolutionary clean & groom science that works on contact: The QUAD 4-step system keeps your equine athletes comfortable, clean and ready for the show!

Bioveta core science has created an amazing set of animal health care products that:

1. Reduce the overall clean & groom time

2. Eliminate the need for other products

3. Stays cleaner longer

Bioveta QUAD provides superior results. QUAD’s unique science and proprietary blend protects for weeks plus reduces the need for a fly spray when used exclusively.

Bobby R. Willard DVM, Equiplex Sports Medicine, Chiropratic and Acupunture observed, “I noticed 2 things right from the start after using Bioveta QUAD for the first time. Number one is that a couple of horses that I had worked with over the years had chronic dry hair coats. After using only the Bioveta QUAD 4-step system, immediately the horse had more moisture and luster. Secondly, in a horse show situation they are bedding that they are not used to. They come out of the stalls with shavings all over them and those shavings brushed out more completely and more easily after being treated with the system. Bioveta QUAD definitely has more advantages that make a veterinarian’s job easier. It’s a great product!”

Luke Franklin, Professional Horseman Champion, said “My experience with Bioveta QUAD has been life-changing…It took only 20 minutes from start to finish. It used to take 20 minutes just to shampoo. A BATH washed away all dirt and mud in seconds! B-LUSTER BASE made the coat, mane and tail super soft with a healthy natural glow…too easy! C-ENHANCER helped boost the look of the coat, mane and tail plus strengthened and enriched the hoofs appearance. No residue and it also helps repel dust and dirt. When you need to saddle up, just brush them and you are good to go! D-GROOM & SHINE…Show Ready or Show-off Ready? This is the product! Spray it all over and massage in briefly, leave in. Looked like a shiny new penny!!! Also eliminated the need for a fly spray. AWESOME PRODUCTS!” 

Many other satisfied professionals and clients say: Kelly Cranz, Trainer, Wrangler and Sports Model, “Everything you need in one brand, one line!” Willie Martinez, Horse Owner, “It is not only the look but the health of the coat, mane, tail and hooves. It is a natural look, no slippery coating agents from other products that attract dirt and dull the look. What an incredible product!”  Nicole Martinez, Morgan Horse Club of Texas Schooling Open, “Thank you for creating this awesome brand, Bioveta QUAD ROCKS!! Lori Wadsworth,at Hertiage Days Classic, “I wanted to tell you I’m a believer!”

Contact:  Jonathan Pike, CEO ~ Bioveta QUAD ~ 214.792.1173 or ~


AMHA is proud to have Bioveta as a new Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show® Corporate Sponsor. To learn more and view their products, click HERE!