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C. Jarvis Insurance - Celebrating 75 Years!

September 22, 2021



C. Jarvis Insurance Agency is a family-owned business founded in 1946 by Charles C. Jarvis. Charles was a Polish immigrant and his business was located in the heart of the Polish community in Cleveland, Ohio. Today, the company is owned by Charles’ granddaughter Kimberly Jarvis. Together with her sister, Sandy Jarvis, and her daughter, BrookeMarie Jarvis, Kimberly and her team bring the Jarvis tradition of professionalism, compassion, and hands-on experience into the next generation. They are honored to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of C. Jarvis Insurance this year and proud to serve the international equine community.

Kimberly’s grandfather influenced her family’s lives in many important ways. Though Charles Jarvis did not personally own horses, he was particularly fond of them and was recognized as a major horse show benefactor and sponsor. Charles’ daughter Patricia Jarvis, who also worked for the family business, and her daughter Kimberly grew up riding and exhibiting horses. Their involvement with horses was a major factor in their decision to include equine insurance as an integral part of Jarvis Insurance.

By the age of twelve, Kimberly was showing in English and Park competition at the Class A level throughout the state. Kimberly epitomized the small, amateur horse exhibitor. At the time, she owned one saddle, one bridle, one halter, and a single lead rope. As was common at the time, she did everything herself including stall cleaning, feeding, bathing, grooming, clipping, and riding her horse. Another important lesson from her grandfather was that if you truly wanted something, you have to be willing to work hard to earn it.

Kimberly began working at the family business during her summer breaks throughout high school and college. She went to work full-time in the business in 1979. While still in her early 20s, Kimberly’s grandfather decided to retire and sell the company. Kimberly was not gifted with the family business. Instead, she made a commitment to her grandfather to continue the company he had established and in 1986, she purchased C. Jarvis Insurance Agency Inc.

The fact that her family name was on the letterhead meant Kimberly had to work harder than anyone else at the company, except perhaps her grandfather. She shared the pivotal event that shaped her life, “The moment my signature was at the bottom of that purchase contract, I vowed that I would uphold the same ethos my grandfather, Charles C. Jarvis, had when he founded the Agency in 1946. It’s always about doing right by your clients, peers, and friends. Hard work, dedication, integrity, and loyalty are the cornerstones to business, relationships, and success, and ‘there are no problems; only solutions!’ I have made those words our company motto…

“My grandparents truly cared for each and every customer, no matter how large or small. Through the efforts of my late mother Patricia, my sister Sandy, my daughter BrookeMarie, and the team at C. Jarvis Insurance we have continued with the same business philosophies.”

Kimberly and her family’s involvement with horses have been a great asset in their quest to understand and serve the insurance needs of horsemen around the world. It’s also helped to create the “cutting edge” coverage and policies for which Jarvis Insurance is known internationally. Being closely involved with horses has become so important to the Jarvis Insurance Agency that virtually all of its employees are currently active or have been active in many facets of horse ownership.

“I count the Jarvis employees and agents among the company’s greatest assets,” says Kimberly. “Among them are real connoisseurs in literally every aspect of the horse and insurance businesses. Most Jarvis employees and agents own horses, so as a group we are particularly empathetic to horse owners and their challenges. We have agents all over the world and insure horses on six continents. I am proud to say we can always be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world. We believe in personal service; when people call us with a problem, they reach a live person and they can immediately speak with a representative. When we say we’re here for you, that’s our promise.”

C. Jarvis Insurance… Providers of equine, liability, ranch, and farm insurance are the proud Official Insurance Sponsor for the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show® and the American Morgan Horse Association.