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In Memory - Curtis J. Merritt

January 11, 2022


The Morgan community has lost another great Morgan member in Curtis Merritt of Ontario, California. Curtis passed away, way too soon, on December 24, 2021. She was a longtime member of the AMHA, the Sacramento Valley Morgan Horse Club, and a committee member and volunteer with the Friends of Point Reyes Morgan Horse Ranch. Curtis was awarded an AMHA Master’s Certificate in 2016 and was one of AMHA’s highest achievers in the My Morgan and Me Program. 

Curtis’ dear friend, Jenni Nicholson, remembers…

Curtis was a lover of all animals. She especially loved horses and in particular the Morgan Breed. She worked with numerous breeds over the years, but once she found Morgans, that was it.  This was her breed!

Curtis received the Pathway Program AMHA 5,000-hour award in 2015. She contacted the AMHA and requested they reinstate the 10,000-hour as well.  She had seen where a Paint Horse owner had achieved the award and she felt Morgan owners would be interested and it would help get the breed noticed.  Well, in 2019 the 10,000-hour award for the My Morgan and Me program was awarded to Curtis.  She was delighted to say the least.  She was work on getting her 15,000-hour award but unfortunately, that was not going to happen.

Curtis was a wonderful ambassador for the breed.   Whenever she was out riding, people would ask her about her horses, and she would take the time to explain the wonderful attributes of the Morgan breed.  She always had time to talk about the benefits of riding and getting out on the trails or any interaction with horses.  She participated in the Tevis Cup ride along with numerous other long-distance rides in Southern California. Curtis would go Christmas caroling on horseback with other riders in a local group, Trick or Treating on Halloween, July 4th celebrations; she also did volunteer Mounted Patrol for the US Forest Service. She loved just getting out and seeing what she could find on the trails. 

Curtis was a huge supporter of the Point Reyes Morgan Horse Ranch. She donated a lot of time and effort in making sure the Morgans continued to stay at the farm. 

She will be missed by all her knew her and we have all lost a wonderful horsewoman. Anyone that knew her, knew Curtis was devoted to all her animals and the Morgan Breed.

Donations may be made in memory of Curtis to the AMHA or the Point Reyes Morgan Horse Ranch.