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Back in the Barn: Derawnda Lincoln CH

November 17, 2022

As one of the largest divisions at the 2022 Grand National and World Championship Morgan Horse Show, the quality of horses that showed up for the title of World Champion Hunter Pleasure on a Friday night was remarkable.  The World Champion for 2022 was the incomparable Derawnda Lincoln CH with Amanda DuPont up for the ride.  At only 5 years old, this elastic, impressive gelding just oozes that “wow factor” as he powers down the rail, showcasing some of the best extended gaits in the breed.  We chatted with the owners of this lovely horse, Diane and Allison Munson, to get a look at life with “Lincoln” back in the barn.


Amanda Dupont (rider) and Lincoln pictured with the Munson Family following his World Champion Hunter Pleasure win at the 2022 Morgan Grand Nationals (Photo by Kim Oplotnik for The Morgan Horse Magazine)

Derawnda Lincoln CH (CBMF Wicked Ruler x Derawnda Summerwind (CN)), a 2017 gelding, was bred in Canada by Allen J Davidson of Derawnda Farms.  After spending his younger years as a well-known stallion among Amish breeders, he was purchased in November 2020 by the Munson family of Milford, NY.  “When we purchased Lincoln, he was a 3-year-old stallion who was only trained to drive.  Amanda DuPont found him and thought he was ‘super cool’ and would make an incredible hunter” Diane recalls. 

Lincoln took his first trip around the show ring in April 2021 at the UPHA Chapter 15 Children's Benefit Horse show in blue ribbon form by winning the Limit Horse class.  He continued his winning ways in 2021 with Amanda Dupont in the Open and Junior Horse divisions, as well as with Allison Munson in the Junior Exhibitor and Youth divisions across the East Coast. Lincoln started 2022 with a bang, taking the Open Champion honors in the Hunter Pleasure division at the UPHA Chapter 14 Spring Premiere, New England Regional, and Massachusetts Morgan before taking the big stage in Oklahoma.  Dupont also shares the reins with Allison so Lincoln can continue to showcase his beautiful form and impeccable manors with a younger rider. In fact, many of Ally’s rides on the gelding have resulted in victory passes as well! 


Lincoln and Allison in the GN Hunter Pleasure Junior Exhibitor 14 class at the 2021 Morgan Grand National (Photo by Howard Schatzberg)

  • Lincoln may be a powerhouse in the ring, but he is quiet and easy-going on the ground. “He is VERY chill and will roll with just about anything” says Ally.  “He is always walking like he has nowhere to be!” Diane admits “he often walks so slow and with such little energy, it makes me laugh because I know what an incredible transformation will take place once they ask him for a higher gear.”
  • The people in Lincoln’s life are just as impressed with him as the judges are. “While his canters are impressive, we think his trot and extended trots are totally breathtaking!”
  • Dupont might be all business when riding him, but she is all smiles and laughs afterwards and states “He is just so much fun!”


Dupont and Lincoln take the lap of honor as the 2022 East Coast Hunter Pleasure Champion at the New England Regional Morgan Horse Show (Photo by Shane Shiflet)

  • Lincoln will happily accept any snack offered. He does not discriminate when it comes to treats.
  • As a tall boy towering over 16 hands, Lincoln likes to check in with his neighbors, both at shows and at home, by saying a quick hello over the top of the stall wall.

news_img_0893__1.jpgAlways a chill guy, Lincoln takes a quick nap in his stall during the Grand National and World Championship Morgan Horse Show® (Photo courtsey of Diane Munson)

  • Lincoln is the sire of 11 registered Morgans. 
  • It’s been said that some bank robbers in the old American West nailed horseshoes on backward in hopes of deceiving the law during their getaway. The luck seems to be in Lincoln’s favor! Lincoln has very long strides and required farrier Mike Vannoy to get creative with his footwear. To prevent him from over-reaching with his hind legs, it was decided the best option was to put his hind shoes on backwards which allows him to maximize that extended trot and canter. This prevents the metal of the hind shoe from interferring with the front shoe and possibly removing it, keeping his feet as healthy as possible!


Showing off his extended trot in his victory pass as the 2022 Open Hunter Pleasure World Champion (Photo by Howard Schatzberg Photography)

  • Hunter guru Amanda Dupont has come close several times, but the Open World Champion title eluded her, until Lincoln came along in 2022. “Thanks for the ride big guy- it was better than I dreamed it would be.”
  • When asked about a favorite memory with Lincoln, the Munson family says the list keeps growing! “The Open Hunter Pleasure World Championship and the unanimous GN Stallions and Geldings win were both awesome” says Diane.  “We loved being part of something that Amanda has wanted and worked towards so long, and we can't thank her enough for all her hard work and everything she does for us and for our horses. “ 


Amanda receives a hug from ringmaster Jerome Parker following her win and is greeted by Hannah Champion and Allison Munson (Photo by Howard Schatzberg Photography)

“We may have started with a super cool horse, but Amanda made him into the champion he is today. From the first time we saw his floaty trot in person on his first full day at Windward Farm, to seeing video of Amanda riding him two days later, to Ally riding him for the first time less than fives weeks after that, and the victories that have come at nearly every show since, it has indeed been quite a ride!” Derawnda Lincoln will always have a special place in the hearts of the Munson family, Amanda Dupont and the team at Windward Farm.

news_img_2411.jpgLincoln working on his best face to beg for any kind of treat (Photo courtsey of Diane Munson)