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Back in the Barn: EKL Shakedown

January 23, 2023

news_img_4921.jpgEKL Shakedown and Alicia Owens winning the 2022 Park Harness World Championship (Photo by Howard Schatzberg)

Every once in a while, we have that horse that comes into our lives that is just extra special.  They touch our hearts differently than others that have come across our path. They are the best part of our day, every day.  They are fondly referred to as our “heart horse”.  For Alicia Owens, she is quick to describe Park Harness World Champion EKL Shakedown as just that.

EKL Shakedown, known around the barn as “Seger”, was bred by Eli K Lapp Jr and Rebecca Lapp in Pennsylvania. By the great World Champion Centerpiece and out of the Stand and Deliver mare EKL Standing Sensation, Seger was bred to be a park horse.  Alicia purchased the stunning bay colt in 2014 when he was just 6 months old.  Having known him from such a young age and starting him from the beginning has solidified their partnership as they have taken many victory passes together. All their hard work came to fruition at the Grand National and World Championship Morgan Horse Show® in 2021, where Alicia and Seger were named the Park Harness World Champions on a magical Friday night in Oklahoma City.  Seger came trotting back into the coliseum in 2022 to claim the title again, this time in unanimous fashion.  Come back in the barn with us to get to know Seger!


Alicia and husband David “Tuffy” Owens celebrate with Seger following his 2021 win (Photo by The Morgan Horse)

  • He got his name after Bob Seger’s 1987 song “Shakedown”
  • He knows he is the star of the show! Alicia says “He is a very interactive and people oriented horse, and will stand on the crossties for hours after his workout, happily visiting with everyone who comes by.”
  • He is the first horse every morning to work at Scottfield Stables

news_ekl-shakedown.jpgSeger modeling his incredibly good looks

  • If anyone is wondering where Alicia is around the barn, just check with Seger. Wherever he is looking, she can be found!
  • You can call him consistent! In all his classes, Seger has never finished outside the top 3!
  • His favorite treats? All of them! “Lucky Charms, Stud Muffins, and good old-fashioned peppermints.  He is by no stretch of the imagination, a picky eater!” Alicia says.
  • When asked about her favorite moments with Seger, Alicia states “My favorite moments with Seger are all here at home.  He is the best part of my day, every day.  Obviously, our wins together have been hugely important to both of us professionally, but it’s our day-to-day relationship that means the most.”

news_image_6487327.jpgEKL Shakedown (L) and EKL The Fire Inside (R), who was presented by Whitney Bodnar to the 2022 World Champion Yearling Gelding title (Photo by Howard Schatzberg)

  • As of the beginning of 2023, there are currently 25 horses registered with AMHA sired by EKL Shakedown, with several more expected to make an appearance later in the year!
  • He just oozes that Morgan type. Alicia says “to best appreciate Seger, you need to come see him in person.  He is a very photogenic horse, but in person will stop you in your tracks.  He is a dream horse!”

EKL Shakedown embodies the term “heart horse” to Alicia Owens.  She says “I have been around horses my entire life, and have loved many, but I have never been bonded to another horse the way I am to Seger.  We belong to each other.” When we have been touched by a horse like that, you remember it forever.  They don’t need to be the most talented or the most beautiful, but they usually have the biggest hearts and you bond in a way you cannot explain until you experience it. For those of you that have not yet met your heart horse, don’t worry, they will come!

news_picture2.jpgThe future is bright for Shakedown offspring! 2022 Filly Heartland Shake It Up Baby (EKL Shakedown x BJB Baby Jane) (Photo provided by Alicia Owens)