Editors' Picks 2012

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Western Dressage, Part 2
By Barbara Irvine
November 2012

Western Dressage, Part 1
By Barbara Irvine
September/October 2012

Bab Verdugo
By Brenda L. Tippin
September/October 2012

Little Sorrel and Rienzi
By Kim Mariette
August 2012

Tashota’s Warrior
By Holly Butterman
July 2012

The Business of Equitation with the Master of the Art
By Alicia Owens
April 2012

America’s Baroque Breed Thriving in Germany
By Steffi Niggemeier
April 2012

Scaling Mountains on Morgans
By Col. John Hutcheson
March 2012

Back To The Future
By Abbie Trexler
January 2012