Editors' Picks 2013

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Working Western: Rocky Mountain High
By Ric Walker
November/December 2013

History Lesson: Shaping America with General George A. Custer
By Brenda L. Tippin
November/December 2013

A Weekend on the Ranch
By Melody De Lappe
October 2013

Morgan Americana: The Modern Military Morgan Horse
By LTC's (retired) David L. and Joyce D. Stanley
July 2013

Morgan Americana: The California Morgans of William Randolph Hearst
By Brenda L. Tippin
July 2013

Morgan Americana: Cambridge Morgan Farm Born of the Mountains Out West
By Carol Nelson
July 2013

Focus on Professionals: Demystifying the Curb Bit
By Stephen Kinney and Abbie Trexler
April 2013

Carriage Driving: A Second Career
By Jeff Morse
March 2013