Editors' Picks 2018

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Rescue: An Obligation for the 21st Century (Forever Morgans)
By Susan Overstreet • October 2018

Morgan People: Hope, Healing, and the Morgan (War Horses for Veterans)
By Julia Arnold • October 2018

New England, The Homeland: "We Were Princesses"—The Fish Sisters
By Stephen Kinney • August 2018

New England, The Homeland: Northampton's Classes of a Century Past
By Patti Brooks • August 2018

History Lesson: Roland Hill, Dean of Morgan Horse Breeders
By Brenda Tippin • April/May 2018

Roundtable: Trainers Who Also Breed Morgan Horses
By Suzy Lucine • March 2018

Professionals: We Are More Alike Than We are Different (Erin Van Steenburgh)
By Kim Oplotnik • March 2018