Legacy Mares Series

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The Daughters of The Master's Touch
By Suzy Lucine • February 2014

The Daughters of Tedwin Topic
By Renee M. Page • February 2013

Westwold Dona Resa
By Stephen Kinney • August 2012

Hy Crest Santina
By Laura Behning • March 2012

The Daughters of Trophy
By Renee M. Page • February 2012

Mares of the LU Sheep Ranch
By Brenda L. Tippin • February 2012

The Story of Foxton Felicia
By Laura Behning • March 2011

Cy Don’s Cynthia, An Endowment of Daughters
By Cristina DiGioia • February 2011

Cotton Candy: Let Her Colors Show
By Laura Behning • March 2010

The Daughters of Tug Hill Commando
By Stephen Kinney • February 2010

Mi First Love and Honeytree Simply Unique
By Abbie Trexler • June 2009

The Daughters of Serenity Masterpiece
By Stephen Kinney • March 2009

The Daughters of Wham Bam Command
By Suzy Lucine • March 2009