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  Added Category Headline State Country Price
2018‑09‑11 For Sale 2018 full Lippitt Filly CO United States $0.00
2018‑09‑16 For Sale retired cremello stallion looking for a new home as a gelding ID usa $800.00
2017‑08‑23 For Sale 2017, Windhover Regency, Senatefield, Beamington bred colt ID USA $2,000.00
2017‑08‑23 For Sale Fleetfield, Senatefield, WAR, bred colt ID USA $2,000.00
2018‑09‑27 For Sale Waer, Senatefield, Kingston bloodlines ID US $2,000.00
2018‑09‑27 For Sale Beamington, Fleetfield bloodlines. ID US $2,000.00
2018‑09‑27 For Sale 2018, Beamington, Senatefield, Windhover Regency, WAR, Sweet's, bred colt ID US $2,000.00
2018‑06‑14 For Sale 2018 Dark golden Palomino colt foundation bred ID usa $2,500.00
2018‑09‑27 For Sale Old C.X. Larrabee, T.W. Adams, Jackson bloodlines. Western bred mare ID US $2,500.00
2018‑09‑05 For Sale Flashy, smart gelding ready to train your way WA United States $2,500.00
2018‑07‑23 For Sale Beautiful Yearling Morgan Filly VA USA $2,500.00
2018‑10‑07 For Sale Black Roland G. Hill Grandson PA United States $2,850.00
2018‑10‑07 For Sale Black Roland G. Hill Grandson PA United States $2,850.00
2018‑06‑14 For Sale 2018 Dark golden Buckskin colt foundation bred ID usa $3,000.00
2018‑07‑01 For Sale Stylish 2018 Bay Morgan Colt! ND USA $3,500.00
2018‑06‑14 For Sale 2018 Golden Palomino colt with lots of chrome ID usa $3,500.00
2018‑07‑21 For Sale Black Roland G. Hill Grandson PA United States $3,500.00
2018‑07‑01 For Sale Beautiful Bay 2018 Morgan Colt! ND USA $3,500.00
2018‑07‑21 For Sale Red Dun Sabino Colt PA United States $3,500.00
2017‑12‑02 For Sale Flashy 2017 bay splash filly, dressage potential GA United States $4,000.00

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(6/1/07) Attention Sellers: Fraud Alert

It has come to our attention that some people selling horses on our classified ad site are receiving emails, which may prove to be scams. To protect yourselves and others against this type of activity, it is important to follow some very basic guidelines.

  • Be mindful of Big Promises. Promises such as offering more money than your asking price without any initial discussions with you are almost always scams.
  • When receiving a Cashiers Check as payment make sure that the check has cleared by your bank. Also watch for a Cashiers Cheque (note spelling) because these more often counterfeit. If you have any concerns consult your bank.
  • Watch out for high-pressure tactics. Don't let a transaction go faster than your comfort level.
  • Never give out your bank information without establishing a comfort level with the buyer.
  • Always get something in writing. You should never complete the sale transaction without a "bill of sale" or something to document the transaction. If you don't want to spend the money to have an attorney help you, you can always find examples of sales contracts either online or at your local office supply store.
  • Remember the old saying, "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is."

Should you feel that you have experienced this type of activity in the course of responding to a inquiring from your classified ad, obtain as much information as possible before contacting the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Complaint Division. You may also forward suspected scam email to SPAM@UCE.GOV.

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