Judges Development Grant

AMHA is excited to announce a NEW grant program for 2022 competitions.  Funded by grant monies received by the American Morgan Horse Educational Charitable Trust, the AMHA Judges Development Grant Program is accepting applications NOW until November 1, 2021, for 2022 competitions.

The purpose is to strengthen and further develop the current pool of USEF licensed Morgan Judges by: 

a) Reducing financial hardships on competitions, thus increasing Morgan Judging opportunities for USEF-Licensed Morgan Judges at AMHA Star Shows, and

b) Providing incentives for larger USEF recognized Morgan competitions to add a small 'r' judge to their panel of judges, providing officials desiring promotion the experience required.

It is important to note that this grant program is a SEPARATE program from AMHA’s annual Show Grant Program that supports financially-struggling horse shows.  Shows that apply for the Judges Development Grant may ALSO apply for the annual AMHA Show Grant.

For Clarification:

The Annual Show Grant is to support ANY financially-struggling Morgan competition.  Applications for the Annual Show Grant will be available at the end of the AMHA competition year (November 1, 2021).  We will issue another release when that grant is open.

This NEW Judges Development Grant is aimed at assisting horse shows that would like to be an AMHA Star rated show, but possibly already have a judge that does not hold a Morgan card and, therefore, must hire an additional judge, or for shows that will need to hire a judge that holds multiple cards (for multiple-breed shows).  The Judges Development Grant may also be applied for by shows that would like to add a small 'r' judge to their showbill to allow them to gain officiating history at a larger venue.

The parameters of this new, pilot grant program and the application form itself can be found on the AMHA website HERE.

 For more information, contact Executive Director, Carrie J. Mortensen at (859) 405-0746 or execdir@morganhorse.com.