Is Your Gelding Competing as a "Stallion?"

January 7th, 2019

Is your Morgan gelding showing in the In-Hand division? Have you submitted a castration report with AMHA? In tabulating the 2018 AMHA Star Awards, it was discovered many horses are showing in the gelding division, yet they are still recorded with AMHA as a stallion. The castration of all animals must be recorded with AMHA.

Per AMHA Registry Rule 9
Section 3: Castration
A. The castration of a registered horse shall be recorded with the Registry. A Castration Report including the date of castration, registered name, registration number, and signature of the recorded owner must be submitted.
B. The original Registration Certificate must be sent to the Registry and will be returned indicating the alteration and date of castration.

Click here for a castration report. For more information, contact the AMHA Registry department at (802) 985-4944,

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