Is Your Morgan Competing for the USDF All-Breeds Award?

September 19th, 2019

The competition year is currently underway and once again AMHA will acknowledge five placings in ALL categories in 2019 for the USDF All-Breeds Awards. AMHA requires a $25 fee per horse to be paid to be declared eligible for the All-Breeds Awards by September 30. Additionally, AMHA requires that the owner of the horse be a Standard Level member (competing rights) of AMHA.

These were new policies effective with the 2018 competition year and previously announced in a variety of different places. Several of the other breed associations already had similar requirements in place to help defray the significantly increasing costs that USDF is passing on to its affiliates. AMHA is pleased that by adopting this policy, we were able to continue offering these opportunities for Dressage competitors instead of reducing the placings or number of categories recognized.

It should be noted that the enrollment fees collected do not cover the total expenses required by USDF’s contract and AMHA staff administration. The remainder of the expenses are covered by AMHA revenue which is created from memberships, registry transactions, magazine profits, etc. AMHA recognizes that this is an extremely valuable program for a limited portion of our membership and continues to value our members’ participation which assists in promoting the value, joy and success of our beloved Morgan breed.

Please contact Kristen Kelly at the AMHA Office to pay the annual enrollment fee and membership (if not already submitted) at (802) 985-4944, ext. 401. Once properly enrolled, she must make a manual entry on the USDF website BEFORE your horse’s eligibility will be properly reflected. Due to variety of issues, this may not happen the same day you make payment. Please be patient while we make these manual adjustments.

If you have any additional questions about this program, please contact Kristen Kelly,