In Memory: Judi Anderson

May 8th, 2019

Judi Anderson, purebred registrar of the Morgan Horse Association of Australia (MHAA), passed away suddenly on Easter weekend.

Judi was not just a Registrar. She was the Registrar, from the inception of the Australian registry in 1990 to now. She oversaw the at times tumultuous growth of MHAA, managed and cared for the members and their records, remained always precise, calm and helpful, and held together the disparate elements of an organisation spread across thousands of miles with her clarity and focus on the registry as an essential anchor point.

She oversaw her long held dream to achieve reciprocity with AMHA, which happened in 2017.

Judi was a perfectionist. She became the archivist, the go-to person for research, the assistant in any project, and editor for any Morgan text. From 2006 to 2016 she collated the history of Morgans for all members in the annual magazine Corroboree.

She did it all out of passion, for the love of Morgans. The Registrar for MHAA is an unpaid position, as was editing the magazine, but for Judi it was an important life’s work, and the association is immeasurably the richer for her care and dedication. As recognition for her work, she was the 2017 recipient AMHA's International Award.

Judi was drawn deeply into the world of Australian Morgans through the purchase of her beloved gelding Mt Tawonga Kiewa (Wawayanda Watch Out x Aura Dell Peekie) as a yearling in 1991. With Judi as his owner, Kiewa did everything. He was the versatile Morgan embodied, competing in ridden, driven, liberty events; and famously as an elephant in the fancy dress. Judi took great pride in his successes and simply in his participation. Kiewa attended every Australian National Morgan Show from 1997 to 2014, regardless of where in Australia it was held. In 1999 he was Supreme Pure Morgan, much to Judi’s delight, and he was four times High Point Trophy Winner, an award that is now to be named the Judi Anderson Memorial Trophy.

Kiewa, now 29, has outlived Judi and is retired on beautiful Samaria Creek, with Judi’s lifelong friend, Morgan breeder Judy Stewart. Judi and Kiewa had a long tradition of visiting Samaria Creek for Melbourne Cup Day, and then staying for a holiday; so Kiewa is now home, living with his best friend Tui’s Nimrod.

Judi celebrated every bloodline, every import, every foal. She grieved over those whose owners did not register and expressed delight when long lost individual horses resurfaced and were registered and bred on. I have worked on many creative projects for Australian Morgans, and Judi was always my willing collaborator, and would spend hours and days hunting up for me long lost records and images, and then reading over my drafts. I feel bereft that I no longer have her matter-of-fact voice, and commitment that speaks louder than words to back up my research and endeavours.

Judi was beloved by all associated with her. She was unique and leaves behind an enduring legacy and some big boots to fill.

Submitted by Eva Hornung, Wildu Mandaawi Morgans, with Jessamy Davies, President Morgan Horse Association of Australia

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