Hornung Named Australian Registrar

May 16th, 2019

The Morgan Horse Association of Australia is (MHAA) pleased to announce that Eva Hornung has been appointed to the position of Pure-Bred Registrar.

Eva brings to the position her passion for the breed and a track record of service to the interests of Australian Morgans and MHAA. She has created two issues of Australian Morgan, a magazine designed to inform people about Morgans and preserve Morgan history. As well as this level of service to the MHAA, Eva was instrumental in obtaining reciprocity with AMHA. It is fitting that she will be the one who will carry on that initiative as the pure-bred Registrar.

In coming weeks, Eva will be liaising with the Board and AMHA and members to ensure that all the loose ends are captured following the sudden and sad death of our beloved, Judi Anderson.

If you have queries about pure bred registrations, please feel free to contact Eva on the MHAA, pure_registrar@morganhorse.com.au.

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