Denny Emerson Discusses The Morgan Horse Magazine

August 7th, 2019

Below are the encouraging words, recently shared on Facebook, by renowned horseman Denny Emerson. Denny has been a frequent and favorable commentator on The Morgan Horse of late. If you follow Denny and, perhaps, have not been reading the official breed journal recently, we hope you’ll take a look soon.

This letter is being shared with Denny’s permission.

In 1950, when my family moved from Exeter, New Hampshire, to the Stoneleigh-Prospect Hill School campus in Greenfield, Massachusetts, I was nine.

Over the next few years, at the same time that I was becoming a barn rat at the school stable next door to our house, I was also beginning to read all sorts of horse books, like The Black Stallion series. And in the school library, there was a magazine rack with various horse journals, the GMHA Magazine, Horse Lovers Magazine, The Morgan Horse magazine, and others.

I have been a bit of a horse magazine aficionado for nearly 70 years, which gives me a degree of overview that many won't have, because they haven't been around long enough. So when I say that the current version of The Morgan Horse magazine is the premier horse related magazine out there, I don't make that claim lightly.

Putting out a consistently excellent magazine, balancing the revenue producing advertising with editorial content and feature articles, and creating a publication which sort of holds the far-flung Morgan world together, that has to take total dedication.

It is easy to take something like the Morgan breed magazine for granted and that is a big mistake. These things don't just drop out of the sky into our mailboxes, not magazines that have taken this much time and expertise to create.

Look around at other horse magazines. Compare and contrast. It is no contest.

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