Renew Your 2020 AMHA Membership Today!

November 15th, 2019

The 2020 AMHA Membership renewals were sent in October and already our mailbox is brimming with returns! Thank you! 

In this year's renewal envelope, you'll find an important note regarding AMHA's mailing address. With the imminent move of the home office in Vermont to Kentucky, if you are mailing your membership renewal on or before Saturday, December 7, mail it to the address on the envelope. If you are mailing on or after Sunday, December 8, please mail it to the office's new address: AMHA, 4037 Iron Works Parkway, Suite 130, Lexington, KY 40511. Be assured all mail will be forwarded from the Vermont address to Kentucky, although there may experience a slight delay.

As always, U.S. Premium members receive added benefits, including a subscription to The Morgan Horse magazine and expedited registry services (if all paperwork is complete and proper fees are submitted). Premium members also will receive their "premium" stickers, to affix on the outside of your envelopes each time you submit registry transactions. This will allow you to use this valuable service all year long!

The easiest way to renew is to go online at Immediately after renewing, you will be able to print your membership card under the tab "My Account" and then accessing "Print My Membership Card." You will have immediate access to print and/or save a copy of your card. You can email a copy to your trainer or instructor and you'll be done!

As always, you can call the AMHA office at (802) 985-4944 and someone can renew your membership over the phone!