Important Change to Your Morgan’s Registration Certificate

May 14th, 2020

The AMHA Registry Committee and Board of Directors voted to remove the drawn markings from the official AMHA Morgan Registration Certificate during their April meeting.

The main reasons were:

  • Currently, the markings are hand traced and take an enormous amount of staff time.
  • The shortened length of the Registration Certificate will be a cost savings.
  • The drawn markings are not always accurate especially since most are drawn when the horse is young, and many owners are not taking time to draw the markings with any specificity.

The committee felt that the combined savings of printing and staff time outweighed the value of having the drawn markings on the certificate. Owners will still be required to draw the horse markings on the Registration Application and the diagrams will be increased in size to make it easier for owners to accurately draw the markings. The written descriptions will remain on the certificate and staff will describe the markings with more detail.

Owners and prospective owners are welcome to contact the Registry if there is ever a need to request a copy of the drawn markings.  The new certificates will begin to circulate at the end of this year.