The Fresh Face of Full Circle

June 3rd, 2020

AMHA’s Full Circle Program, designed as a safety net for Morgans at risk, is getting an update. We hope members will find the online experience more accessible and interactive.

“Our goal is for AMHA to provide assistance to those actively involved in rehoming or repurposing Morgans,” said AMHA Director Kelly Kraegel, who is chairing the newly formed Welfare and Rescue Committee. “Whether you are a rescue organization or an owner who can no longer care for a horse, we want to offer front line resources.”

Members should note updated aspects of the program:

Enrolling a Morgan in Full Circle— It is now possible for members themselves to use the AMHA website to name a horse for which they might like to provide a safety net—whether you are the breeder, previous owner or trainer, or just an admirer. Log in at

Once you are logged in as a member, search for the Morgan of your choice, once you are on that horse’s page, scroll to the Full Circle section and enroll the horse in the program or add your name as a potential contact under the enrollment option.

Contact Supportive Parties—Members can now click on any of the many Morgan horse names enrolled in Full Circle and be connected to a party (or parties) interested in that horse’s well-being. Direct contact information is available at Full Circle. To view the listing and connect go to

Enroll as a Full Circle Angel— Do you have an interest in helping if a Morgan in your local area is at risk? Now YOU can enroll a specific service you might be able to provide—fostering, quarantine, rehoming, free local transportation and more. Enter your name and contact information and we will add you as a “Full Circle Angel” on our website—it will be a way for those with a need to find you.

Active Morgan Rescue Organizations—The list of organizations actively involved in Morgan rescue and their contact information has also been updated.

Watch for more updates about AMHA’s Full Circle Program on Facebook