Presidential Message

June 10th, 2020

Hello Everyone!

Many of you have asked about insurance in regard to the current legal expenses being incurred by our organization. AMHA and AMHECT does have Directors & Officers (D&O) coverage; however, that coverage was denied for the Bennett lawsuit. We have challenged that denial which only adds to the legal cost that is reflected in the more than $85,000 and growing defense expenditures for this matter.

With regard to the Bennett lawsuit, our legal counsel feels confident our prior statement holds true. “AMHA’s Board firmly disputes the lawsuit’s allegations of mismanagement and believes Ms. Bennett’s complaint reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the legal structure and mission of AMHECT.” To view official legal filings in this regard, go to

I am very confident in the knowledge, professionalism, and guidance received from our legal and accounting professionals. The AMHA Board of Directors shares in my hope that we can find a reasonable end to this matter sooner rather than later.

Our number one priority continues to be the safety, well-being and health of our family, friends, and animals. So, let’s all work to stay strong, stay safe, and stay together.

And remember, we all share this passion for the Morgan breed. While we don’t all share the same activities or personal preferences, I hope we all can focus on the unifying fact that we all share a love for the Morgan breed.

Stay strong,

C. A. Lee, III
AMHA President