Announcing Morgan Buckeye Sales Presentation

June 25th, 2020

On Wednesday evening, August 12th at the Buckeye Morgan Challenge Horse Show, there will be a special event immediately following the horse show session. Owners of Morgans that are for sale will have the golden opportunity to show their horses to a wide audience, including those attending the show, and those that will be able to watch on the Serio live streaming from home.

Each participant will have six minutes to show their horse however they choose. Further showings, pre-purchase exams and prices are strictly a private negotiation between sellers, potential buyers and their agents. The Buckeye Morgan Challenge Horse Show will not be any part of the potential sale of any horse in the preview, other than the $100 fee charged the seller for the platform to promote their horse. Please contact Sandy Sessink at (248) 207-4956 to sign up or for more information.