Kensington Press Release

September 10th, 2020

Kensington is excited to be a sponsor of AMHA and the GNWC. We love the heritage of the Morgan, as we are a company that prides ourselves on our heritage. Kensington will be able to offer the Morgan’s the protections they need from all the elements, so when our products are removed, these majestic animals can show off their beautiful coats. Coat conditioning & protection is something Kensington prides itself on and we know in short time Morgan owners will agree.

For more information:
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From Anthony Gatto (President and Owner)
During times of uncertainty is when we need to stand up and support each other. COVID will have forever changed our lives, but we have to all find a way to continue to move forward. Kensington has its own challenges, but I know as a community we will get through it. As the community continues to support me/Kensington, I wanted to reach back out and support the community. Kensington is proud to step up during these times and sponsor the AMHA & GNWC. Anthony Gatto