Pyranha Press Release

September 10th, 2020

Pyranha was established by brothers, Lon and Carl Cunningham. They developed and pioneered “SprayMaster,” the original automatic spray system for barns, which dispensed a fine mist of specially formulated insecticide at preset times.

For over 48 years Pyranha has continued to manufacture in the USA its reliable, effective, and economical insect control products and has grown with innovative pet health and odor management solutions.

In 2018, Pyranha purchased Adeptus Nutritional Supplements for Equine and Pets from Dr. Colleen Wilson, PhD and Animal Nutritionist. The Adeptus Nutritional Supplement line of products, scientifically formulated by Dr. Wilson, utilizes a high-quality, prebiotic base, with balanced organic trace minerals, and the highest quality components; containing NO fillers, excessive sugars or fad ingredients.

Adeptus products are of granular form – no heat is utilized – no pellets, thus preserving key nutrients and eliminating the need for binders and fillers. The granular form is often eaten by the horse straight out the hand and the Pet tabs are readily eaten by dogs. Thus, the consumer pays only for high-quality bioabsorbable ingredients. Whether your animal needs to gain weight, improve muscle and stamina, improve joint and/or hoof health, or needs a digestive aid, these supplements are synergistic to work with one another or alone to maximize your animal’s health.

Pyranha today remains family owned and operated by Lon’s two sons, David and Greg and the traditions of excellence continue. As a top manufacturer of insect control and animal health solutions, Pyranha is committed to providing only the best in insect control and animal health - inside and out.

Pyranha was honored and proud to again win the prestigious “2020 Best Fly Spray Gold Award” from & Show Horse Today.

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