AMHA & Grand National Spotlight Corporate Sponsor - HorseLinc

September 30th, 2020

We get it. As a trainer your job is never done, and there is always someone who wants something from you. From arranging horse care, scheduling lessons, checking on the horses, and telling your riders to add more leg and keep their eyes up, there’s never enough time to do it all.

We get you. As an owner you are juggling your career, family, errands, and squeezing in as much precious time as you can with your horse. There is nothing like walking into the barn and taking that first deep breath of barn smell, and on the hectic days when you need it the most you may not have time to get there.

That’s where HorseLinc comes in, giving you time back in your day and saving you money in the process. “How?” you might ask? Most owners, trainers, and service providers don’t realize how much time they waste in a week coordinating what horse is getting what services on what days and who is paying for it and how. Multiply that by more than one horse as an owner, or a barn full of horses as a trainer, and it’s practically another full time job.

HorseLinc is designed to “linc” horses and the people who care for them so that it’s easy to request and pay for services in just a few taps. All of the information is stored right there at your finger tips (literally) and is automatically tracked by horse. When was the last time Frank was shod? What was the date of Spot’s last dental exam? No more digging through emails or payment records at home to find the information. You can even attach files, pictures and even videos to the horse’s profile to maintain everything in place.

And did we mention it is free to download? Go with the #1 horse care and business management app that makes managing each horse’s life as easy as ordering something from Amazon.