GN Recognizes BHOF Producers

October 15th, 2020

In 2020, for the first time ever, the designation “Broodmare Hall Of Fame” is being included in results announced at Morgan Grand National. It is a program long in the making at AMHA to reward the importance of the mares who have contributed so significantly to the breed’s genepool.

To be inducted into the Broodmare Hall Of Fame a mare must be the dam of at least three world champions. Remarkably, research has shown that more than 60 mares qualify for the designation; two mares have produced seven world champions;  four have six; five have five; and 15 mares have produced four.

The BHOF was originally conceived as ongoing feature content for the annual “Breeding Guide” of The Morgan Horse magazine. Many hours were involved importing the names of more than 3300 world champions crowned since 1973 into a sortable database and entering the breeding of each to determine the inductees.

In April 2019 the Board of Directors of AMHA voted that “BHOF” would become a permanent designation on the Registry records of each of these mares. Now these special producers are being recognized as their offspring continue to succeed at our largest breed show. The honor is well deserved. 

Results will be updated each year and published in the January/February issue of The Morgan Horse.