2020 Christmas Ornament Now Available

October 21st, 2020

The 2020 Christmas Ornament that is now available at the AMHA Marketplace (or in person at the AMHA Marketplace booth at GN) is the SECOND in a series of four.  You might have picked up the "WINTER" themed ornament in 2019.  If so, you definitely need this "SPRING" themed ornament for 2020.  This second hand painted bulb is the next option in AMHA's "Seasons" ornament series featuring original artwork by renowned Morgan Artist Jeanne Mellin.  Be sure to check it out in person or online here.  

These are very limited and there are only a few more "WINTER" ones from 2019 if you want to "catch" up and maintain the set!  You'll see SUMMER in 2021 and FALL in 2022.