AMHA Reduces SynchroGait® Test Fee

February 23rd, 2016

In response to requests by AMHA members, and because cost to AMHA was less than anticipated, the Board of Directors recently voted to reduce the SynchroGait® Test fee. Members will now pay $135 for both RAF and registered Morgans effective immediately. The non-member fee for this test remains at $235.

For Morgan horse owners, the information from the SynchroGait® Test can be used in different ways depending on the discipline the horse is used for. In general, the test can be used:

• To plan mating in order to maximize the chances of getting a horse with the pattern of locomotion that the owner prefers.
• To predict the gaits of foals and young horses (i.e. for buying/selling youngsters).
• To match the right discipline, training, and rider with the right horse.
• To avoid pressuring a CC horse in attempts to amble or pace.
• Keep a distinct part of the population as classical three-gaited horses or as gaited horses by taking informed breeding decisions.

Upon receipt of the application and the appropriate fee, the SynchroGait® Test will be sent directly to the owner unless otherwise requested below. The SynchroGait® Test report is the exclusive property of The American Morgan Horse Association and all new DNA records may be tested against DNA on record to affirm parentage. The results of this test may be verbally disclosed upon request; however the results will not be interpreted by AMHA. The results will not appear on the registration certificate for the subject horse nor any of its descendants.

For more information on the SynchroGait® Test or for an order form, please visit

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