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Morgan standing in a foggy field

2016 High-Scoring Morgan Winners

March 2, 2017

AMHA is pleased to congratulate the following horses who won High-Scoring Morgan Awards at open competitions in 2016! These Morgans excelled in disciplines like dressage, endurance, competitive trail rides, gymkhanas, eventing, schooling shows, and more.    

AMHA's High-Scoring Morgan Award is designed to recognize the highest scoring Morgan at events and competitions open to all breeds. The award is offered free of charge upon receipt of the application form.  If you are interested in presenting this award in 2017, please contact Katie Hodges at, (802) 985-4944 ext. 401, or feel free to visit our website to print off the application,

AMHA thanks these Morgans and their riders and owners for promoting the breed’s outstanding athleticism and versatility. Congratulations on your tremendous achievements in 2016!

Meadowayne Tommy Girl (showing as A Little Bit Of Lagnippe) with owner/rider Lee Berryhill  – My Lady Manor's Pleasure Driving Show
Aikane's Sunflower with owner/rider Robin McGrath – VERDA Brown Bag Ride
Byzy After Hours with owner/rider Susan Fowler  – VT Dressage Days II
EMR Maximus with rider Lisa Johnson for owner Nancy Motyka – Windy Hollow Hunt Dressage I and II
Ensign's Stately Mandolyn with owner/rider Jo Ann Hassold – Windy Hollow Hunt Sussex Dressage Weekend Show I
Goldstar Dixie Cariolet with owner/rider Mary Soule – Oyster River Dressage I and II
High Brook Quintessential with owner/rider Kat Waters – GMHA 25 Mile Ride
Kennebec Jester with owner/rider Margaret Bailey-Miller – Oyster River USDF I and II
Kennebec Ladyhawke with owner/rider Margaret Bailey-Miller – Longfellow Dressage
KF Baran's Salutation with owner Gail Thompson and rider Emily Watson – Biltmore Estate 55-Mile Endurance Ride
LBF Hickory Smoke with owner/rider James Fiddes – Muckleratz Run 50 Mile CTR
Little Acres Lance with owner/rider Marty Young Stratton – Long Fellow Farm Spring Dressage Show; VT Dressage Days
Meadowmere Double Time with owner/rider Joan Duchi – SNECDA Pleasure Driving Show
MEMC Tall Order with owner/rider Deborah Dickerson – Caroline Carriage Club Pleas. Driving & Dressage Show
Okan Joyous Heart with owner/rider Don Curtis – Equestrians Institute CDE
Okan Ravyn with owner/rider Corene Curtis – Equestrians Institute CDE
Queens Sweet Baby James with owner/rider Wanda Stazick – GMHA 25 Mile Ride; GMHA 35 Mile Ride
Raphael’s Rhythm N Blues with owner/rider Pru Hudson – ODS Down Centerline I and II
RCV Avant Garde with owner/rider Sandra Eckhart – The Lorenzo Driving Competition
Red Barn Immortal Lass with owner and riders Skylar Ensor, Sadie Allgerier and Donna Gill – Sweet Rock Stables Open Schooling Show
RJ Vintage Kimberley with owner/rider Ruth Mazur – Sierra Foothill's Horseman Assoc. CTR; Back to Basics Western Schooling Show
SBK Sasha's Treasure with owner/rider Georgia O'Brien – Muckleratz Run 25-Mile CTR
Sigi's First Impression with owner Janette Giles and rider Sandy Welsh – Western Dressage Association of Florida Year End Award
Spring Hollow Cassanova with owner/rider Jerri Anesetti – NODA /Summer Dressage and Encore
Spring Hollow Destrier with owner/rider Linda Swank – Western Pennsylvania Dressage Association; First Level Champ
Springlake Not Yet with owner/rider Tia Meredith – Foothills Horse & Pony Assoc. Gold Mine Circuit Show
Steelpiece One Nigt Only with owner/rider Rhonda Batchelder-GMHA 50-Mile Ride (with Rhonda); GMHA 25-Mile Ride (with Jenny Kimberly)-VERDA Fall Foliage Ride
Sunny Afternoon and owner/rider Millie Turner – Muckleratz Run 25-Mile CTR
Westwind El Dorado with rider Dawn Hillard/owner Mary Coleman – Muckleratz Run 25 Mile CTR; New Jersey 50
WLA Born To Perform with rider Patricia Waliga for owner Karen Graves – Ohio Dressage Society Down Centerline 2

Did you win a High-Scoring Morgan Award and your Morgan isn’t listed? Every event organizer is given a report form, but it’s up to them to return the completed form with the winner’s information to AMHA. We apologize if we did not receive a report form from your event with your horse’s information.