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Morgan standing in a foggy field

Latest Morgan Open Award Winners

July 13, 2017

The following Morgans are the latest winners of the High-Scoring Morgan Award at open shows across the country:

Aikane's Sunflower (SFG Aikanes Flying Change x Royalcourt Corsalica) and owner/rider Robin McGrath of Winchester, New Hampshire, took top honors at the Vermont Equine Riding/Driving Association's Brown Bag 25-Mile CTR, which took place in Cornish, New Hampshire, in May. The group held a 15-mile CTR on the same day, with UVM Prancelot (Otter Brook Xenophon x UVM Time To Dance) and owner/rider Sara Lareau of East Dorset, Vermont, taking top Morgan honors.

At the Brookfield 30-Mile Ride, held in New Berlin, New York, in June, UC Minuet (UVM Springfield x UC Sonata) and owner Megan Thompson of Storrs, Connecticut, were the high-point winners and finished the ride in fourth-place overall. The event also had a concurrent 50-mile ride, with Westwind El Dorado (W A R Justin x Sweet's Dixie Daisy) and Mary Coleman being the top Morgan riders and finishing the ride in second-place overall.