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Morgan standing in a foggy field

AMHA Regional Shows to Continue

August 16, 2017

The AMHA Board of Directors voted at its August 12 third quarter meeting to continue the Regional Show Program with changes to its criteria beginning with the 2018 show season.

Previously, there have been ten regional Morgan horse shows throughout the country, which corresponded with the ten AMHA regions. With the February 2017 change in the region structure to three regions, the AMHA Show Committee voted to continue the program with changes.

The Board of Directors voted to allow up to four regional shows to be designated per region. Criteria on how the Board of Directors will approve and designate shows as a regional include:

1. The show's history, including how long it has been in existence, how long it has been in the current location, and how many years it has been designated a Regional show.
2. The distance from other shows normally scheduled at the same time.
3. The date as it compares to other shows in the area and other Regionals.
4. Support the show or club has given to AMHA in the past.
5. The number of entries from the previous two years.
6. Regional shows must be more than 500 miles OR more than four weeks apart.

Applications are due to the AMHA office by October 25 and will be available following the AMHA Board's mid-month meeting on September 25.