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Congratulations to the 2017 AMHA Youth of the Year Winners

October 17, 2017

Seventeen-year-old Kate Ramsower of Alamo, California, (left) was named the 2017 AMHA Youth of the Year! The announcement was made on October 14 on the final evening of the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show® in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. For winning this prestigious title, Ramsower receives a unique prize package valued at $3,500 and is generously sponsored by the Cynthia Elaine Epperson Trust.

Ramsower qualified for the national contest by winning at the Carousel Charity Horse Show in March.

Emily Mulligan of Georgetown, Massachusetts, (right) was named the 2017 Reserve Youth of the Year. She qualified at the Seacoast Horse Show in July. Mulligan, 21, will receive a unique prize package worth $1,500.

Rounding out the top six places this year were:
3. Nicole Bobbi, age 17, representing Massachusetts Morgan Horse Show
4. Annika Stoldt, age 21, representing Michigan All Morgan
5. Randie Jo Evans, age 16, representing Michigan All Morgan Horse Show
6. Natalie Bair, age 15, representing Gold Cup Regional Horse Show

This year, 16 young women from across the country competed for this top youth honor. Also competing and representing their qualifying show were:

Erin Baker, age 17, representing British Columbia Morgan Horse Show
Clea Cloutier, age 15, representing New England Morgan Horse Show
Jessica Hyman, age 15, representing: New England Morgan Horse Show
Skyler James, age 16, representing Citrus Cup Regional Horse Show
Alicia Kollien, age 15, representing Buckeye Morgan Challenge
Sophie Proctor, age 16, representing UPHA Chapter 14 Spring Premiere
Victoria Ricci, age: 20, representing Connecticut Morgan Horse Show
Makayla Ronk, age 15, representing Morgan Masterpiece
Abigale Stemper, age 17, representing C-Fair Charity Horse Show
Shaunicy Sturm, age 18, representing Carousel Charity Horse Show

Each year, dozens of youth contests are held across the country, hosted by horse shows, state Morgan clubs, and local youth groups. The Youth of the Year program offers participants an opportunity to improve his or her skills in the area of horsemanship, sportsmanship, public speaking, decision-making, and judging. The senior (age 14-21) winner of a local contest qualifies to compete in the Youth of the Year Finals, held each year at the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show®.

This contest is composed of four rigorous tests. Components included are a written exam, an oral presentation and interview, a ridden or driven horsemanship pattern, and a judging division with a reasons portion.

Youth of Year Contest - Full Results

Youth of Year Written Exam
1. Clea Cloutier
2. Emily Mulligan
3. Alicia Kollien
4. Sophie Proctor
5. Skyler James
6. Nicole Bobbi

Youth of the Year Oral Presentations
1. Erin Baker
2. Kate Ramsower
3. Shaunicy Sturm
4. Emily Mulligan
5. Abigale Stemper
6. Nicole Bobbi

Youth of the Year Horsemanship Pattern
1. Natalie Bair (also winner of the Brooke Burress Memorial Trophy)
2. Kate Ramsower
3. Abilgale Stemper
4. Annika Stoldt
5. Sophie Proctor
6. RJ Evans

Youth of the Year Judging Division
1. Nicole Bobbi (also winner of Shirley Givens Memorial Trophy and W. Dayton Sumner High-Point Award)
2. Kate Ramsower
3. Annika Stoldt
4. Emily Mulligan
5. Victoria Ricci
6. RJ Evans

Tristanne Weber Childress Memorial Sportsmanship Award
Emily Mulligan

Junior Invitational Oral Presentations
1. Cassidy Moore
2. Lisa Hensley
3. Jaqueline Schatzberg
4. Natalia Hodge
5. Callie Burroughs
6. Lindsay Helliker

Junior Invitational Judging Division
1. Megan Tabor
2. Jacqueline Schatzberg
3. Cassidy Moore
4. Lisa Hensley
5. Natalia Hodge
6. Lindsay Helliker

Junior Invitational High Point Awards
1. Cassidy Moore
2. Lisa Hensley
3. Jacqueline Schatzberg
4. Lisa Hensley
5. Lindsay Helliker

Individual Judging Division
Bennett Groshong

AMHA Sportsmanship Award in memory of Cecil Brown
Jacqueline Schatzberg

Overall Youth of the Year Contest Awards
1. Kate Ramsower
2. Emily Mulligan
3. Nicole Bobbi
4. Annika Stoldt
5. Randie Jo Evans
6. Natalie Bair