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Morgan standing in a foggy field

Registry News - Coat Color and SynchroGait Test Update

May 10, 2022


AMHA offers coat color and SynchroGait testing. These tests can be requested during the registration process, or anytime if the tests are requested by the owner or lessee of the horse. 

During their recent meeting, the Registry Committee discussed whether new hair samples needed to be submitted for coat color and/or SynchroGait test requests on registered Morgans. Using existing samples on file would save AMHA time, the lab time, and the results would be received quicker. 

The lab noted that the VGL only needs one sample from the horse, in most cases, to perform whatever combination of genetic markers, color, and/or Synchrogait tests. Should they run out of sample, they will request a replenishment. The Registry is not charged for replenishment kits.

A motion was made and approved that the Registry use the sample on file for coat color and SynchroGait testing on registered Morgans. If more hair is needed, then AMHA will send the replenishment kit to the owner/lessee.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact the AMHA Office at (802) 985-4944 extension 2 or