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Morgan standing in a foggy field

Join the AMHA Youth Council!

May 16, 2022


It's May! And at AMHA that means the beginning of a new year for the AMHA Youth Council and an opportunity to become a Youth Council member! 

The AMHA Youth Council is composed of AMHA Youth members, ages 12 to 21, each selected for his or her devotion to the breed, their creativity and professionalism. Members of the Council strive to adhere to the following three goals, each reflecting values held by AMHA Youth:

• To perpetuate and promote the Morgan’s long standing history of excellence, athleticism, intelligence, and willingness.

• To attract equine-minded youth nationwide to AMHA Youth Programs by developing diverse, interesting, and effective campaigns and programs to increase youth involvement.

• To offer guidance to other AMHA youth and serve as an exemplary role models. Members of the Council are not only representatives of their region, but AMHA. 

Learn more about the AMHA Youth Council by clicking HERE

All youth interested in joining the Youth Council are welcome. Complete the application form and send it to

Click HERE for the application.