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Morgan standing in a foggy field

Corporate Sponsor Spotlight: Pyranha®/Adeptus®

August 10, 2022



Pyranha®, Inc.®, an industry leader in innovative ready-to-use insect control, the SprayMaster® misting system and equestrian grooming products, continues an extraordinary partnership with the Grand National and World Championship Morgan Horse Show®. Pyranha® is also thrilled to include Adeptus® Animal Health, their equine and pet supplement line.

About Pyranha®, Inc. and Adeptus® Animal Health –

 Pyranha, Inc., the innovator and pioneer of the SprayMaster barn misting system, has been family owned and operated since its launch in 1972. This year, 2022, Pyranha celebrates 50 years of manufacturing in the USA, producing dependable, effective, and economical insect control and grooming products. The company created by Lon and Carl Cunningham prided themselves on producing the absolute best products to protect and groom your animals. This demand for quality continues with Lon Cunningham’s sons, David, and Greg, maintaining product excellence that horse and pet owners know they can trust. Pyranha was honored to win the prestigious, “2020 Best Fly Spray Gold Award” from and Show Horse Today.

In 2018, Pyranha introduced Adeptus Animal Health, a supplement line for horses and pets developed with the highest quality nutrients, prebiotic base, and no fillers. Adeptus products are of granular form – no heat is utilized – no pellets, thus preserving key nutrients and eliminating the need for binders and fillers. The granular form is often eaten by the horse straight out the hand and the Pet tabs are readily eaten by dogs. Thus, the consumer pays only for high-quality bioabsorbable ingredients. Whether your animal needs to gain weight, improve muscle and stamina, improve joint and/or hoof health, or needs a digestive aid, these supplements are synergistic to work with one another or alone to maximize your animal’s health.

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