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Presidential Modification Approved for Roadster Safety

August 10, 2022


Effective Immediately:  Presidential Modification Approved for Roadster Safety

Lexington, Kentucky - A Presidential Modification to enhance safety in the Roadster division was approved today and will go into effect immediately.  This modified rule was developed in response to recent incidents and safety concerns experienced at competitions.  This rule will impact all breeds who participate in the Roadster division.   The modified rule is below.

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4. Any driver, rider, horse, or pony in the Roadster division exhibiting inappropriate or dangerous behavior or whose actions would in any way threaten the safety of any other exhibitor, their entries, or the safety of class officials will must be immediately eliminated from the class ordered from the ring by the judge. When eliminating a driver, rider, horse, or pony due to inappropriate or dangerous behavior, the judge must call the class to a stop and excuse the relevant driver, rider, horse, or pony from the ring. Once the eliminated driver, rider, horse, or pony has exited the ring, the judge may resume the class. When showing a Roadster to Bike or Wagon, the driver must sit on the inside of the seat and hold the bight end of the reins in hand.  When showing to the bike, both feet must remain in the stirrups while showing, except for while standing in the lineup. Any driver who fails to comply with the above will be considered to be exhibiting dangerous behavior as described above and must immediately be eliminated from the class by the judge. It is the judge’s responsibility to ensure that safety requirements are followed at all times(See GR1033.11 and .12)
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Any questions regarding this Presidential Modification should be directed to Terri Dolan, Director National Breeds & Disciplines, at