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Morgan standing in a foggy field

AMHA Digitizing TMH Back Issues

August 30, 2022


The American Morgan Horse Association has undertaken the project of digitizing all 80-plus years of The Morgan Horse magazine, the breed’s official journal. 

“The magazine contains years of our breed’s history and the association’s intellectual property,” editor Stephen Kinney says. “Converting the content to electronic files which can be accessible online to staff, researchers and horse lovers has been a long term goal.”

Previously scans had been made of magazines from the publication’s first issue in 1941 through to the mid-1960s. The current effort is intended to complete the project. 

Harrodsburg, Kentucky resident and longtime carriage enthusiast Linda Freeman has been contracted to scan and archive the remaining hard copy volumes, working in AMHA’s Kentucky Horse Park office. She brings prior experience to the project, having digitized more than 60 years of The Carriage Journal, the publication of The Carriage Association of America where she is also a director.

The final documents will be searchable, high resolution PDF files and ensure a lasting, electronic archive of the unique content of the Morgan breed’s official journal.