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The AMHA Election Opens Tomorrow - November 10, 2022

November 9, 2022


An AMHA Director in each Region is up for re-election in 2023. Our candidates are:

news_195_dallas_bolen.jpg news_195_kelly_kraegal.jpg news_195195tony1.jpg
Western Region – Dallas Bolen (incumbent) Central Region – Kelly Kraegel (incumbent) Eastern Region – C.A. Lee, III (incumbent)

The Election tabulator is Survey and Ballot Systems of Eden Prairie, MN and they will be issuing both paper and electronic ballots to eligible voters. This is a Hybrid election – allowing members to vote by paper ballot or electronically through the voting portal. All eligible members will receive a paper ballot that provides you the option to vote via mail or with an individual PIN number online. Eligible voters that have a working e-mail address on file with AMHA will ALSO receive an electronic ballot.

It is imperative that you vote even though your Region has an uncontested race. AMHA Bylaws require a minimum number of votes be cast to be accepted and validated. Your vote counts!

E-mailing this quantity of ballots takes considerable time, so please be patient with this process. If you haven't received your electronic ballot by Friday, November 11, please email the office at In addition, be sure to check your SPAM folder in case your e-mail security has blocked the ballot delivery.

For more information about the Election and to read the biographies of the candidates, visit the AMHA Members Only side of the website by clicking HERE. You will be required to sign in with your current ID and password to view these resources. Feel free to contact the office at 802-985-4944, Ext. 1 to retrieve your ID via phone.  

The biographies and election information will be included with your paper ballot and will also be available in the upcoming issue of The Network to be mailed in early December.