Member Policies & Suspensions

The mission of the American Morgan Horse Association, Inc (AMHA) is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the Morgan breed. AMHA actively protects the breed by establishing and enforcing rules that govern every AMHA-approved event, in conjunction with USEF, in order to reflect the natural ability of the animal. To that end, AMHA believes that all horses and all animals, shall, at all times, be treated humanely and with dignity, respect and compassion. Breeders, owners, trainers and exhibitors are continuously responsible for the well-being and humane treatment of any horse entrusted to their care.

ETHICS STATEMENT:  AMHA recommends and expects that all persons will conduct themselves in an honest, forthright, ethical, and sportsmanlike manner in their relationship with each other at anytime they are involved in Morgan horse-related matters.

  AMHA does not assume responsibility for safety of participants at shows or other events it sanctions.  Responsibility for participant safety remains solely with individual and Show Management. Show Management applies for AMHA approval on a voluntary basis, agreeing to conduct the show according to AMHA rules, which are designed to promote fair competition and promote AMHA programs, such as Youth of the Year Contest and Medal classes. Assumption of responsibility for safety by show management is required by AMHA as an express condition to grant the designation “AMHA-approved show.”

DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES: The AMHA Rules for Hearings and Appeals establishes procedures by which the AMHA hears or reviews evidence of alleged violations of rules and regulations by members and/or participants in AMHA-approved events. A member may be disciplined or suspended from the Association, and any non-member participant may be denied any or all Association privileges.  

SUSPENSION POLICY: AMHA values each and every member and business transaction, and makes every effort to work with all parties regarding payment of services.  However, as approved by the AMHA BOD, and Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show Committee:  “Any person or entity with a debt outstanding for more than 90 days to AMHA, or an AMHA Regional Show or the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show is deemed "suspended" from doing business with any of those organizations. Such person or entity deemed "suspended" may be precluded from any further business transactions with AMHA, including with its Registry, and may be precluded from participating as an exhibitor, trainer, owner, coach or otherwise in any Regional Show or the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show. This policy does not replace or negate any suspension policy enforced by USEF, and those debts must be resolved directly with USEF. Show management retains the right to refuse any entry.

As of November 20, 2019 the following person(s) are suspended:

Abraham, John and Holly, Arizona
Adams, Emily, Maine
Adams, Kelli, Wisconsin
Alsip, Niki, New Mexico
Anderson, Lisa, Oregon
Bacon, Mickey, Colorado
Bailey, Wendy S, New Hampshire
Bograd, Kathy, New Hampshire
Bolin, Shelly, Oklahoma
Bontrager, David, Indiana
Broad Brook Group LLC, Connecticut
Bullock, Yvonne, New York
Cates, Randall Scott, Oklahoma
Cummings, Laurie A, Ohio
Davis, Skyler, Maine
Dolliver, Amy, New Hampshire
Dube, Pauline, Maine
Dubois, Jacqueline, Maine
Dubois, Marybeth, Maine
Ekstrom Enterprises Inc, Missouri
Ekstrom, Bruce, Missouri
Eller-Quam, Crystal, Nevada
Faraday-Young, Helen, New York
Fritz, Dennis and Elizabeth, Wisconsin
Giorgio, James K, Connecticut
Godbey, Debora, Oklahoma
Harless, Jimmie, West Virginia
Hetrick, Damon, Massachusetts
Higginbotham, Nicole, Oklahoma
Hill, Larry, Pennsylvania
Hogan, Earl D, Missouri
Ingram, Sherry W, Texas
Joyce, Roger, Kentucky
Kikta, Tami J, New York
King, Gideon Beiler, Pennsylvania
Kramer, Trina M, California
Lindsey, Erin and Ken, Alabama
Ling, Mary, Illinois
Lorec Ranch, Kari Lopez, Oklahoma
Lunde, Nathan F, Wisconsin
Manfreda, Morgan, New York
Markko, Laura, Pennsylvania
McGovern, Kayla Elaine, Connecticut
McMickin, Trula, Alabama
Mercury Farms Inc., New York
Michelson, Christine V, California
Miller, Crist D, Pennsylvania
Minor, Carlena, Iowa
Moser, Debra Hall, Iowa
Nagelmann, Antony, New York
O’Brien, Shannon, Massachusetts
O'Brien, Donna, New Hampshire
Orton, Brent and Donna, Iowa
Ramirez, Penny, Oklahoma
Reynolds, Marthe, New York
Ross Jacqueline, Wisconsin
Sousa, Lynn S, Massachusetts
Stoltzfus, Jonathon J, Pennsylvania
Sullivan, Diane, Pennsylvania
Suomi Family, Idaho
Szczesniak, Francis J, New York
Votava, Connie, Michigan
Wagler, Reuben, Indiana
Wilfred, Douglas E, Ohio
Winona, Sierra, Oregon
Woodworth, Nikki, Massachusetts