2020 Grand National Youth of the Year Contestants

Abigail Edwards

Age: 17

From: Ringors, NJ

Hobbies: Photography, Music, Playing the Piano and Clarinet, President of the Debate Team.

"If I were Selected I would try to bring my love of Morgans and the opportunities that being part of the Morgan Horse world has, to a broader and more diverse Audience."

Lucy Enns

Age: 18

From: Wichita, KS

Hobbies: Singing in the National, State and District Honor Choir

"I would like to be selected as the highly regarded AMHA Youth of the Year because I have put a lot of work, time and effort into achieving this honor and I would love to see all the hard work pay off!"

Sydney Goetz

Age: 21

From: Avon, OH

Hobbies: AMHA Youth Council

"I believe I would make an oustanding AMHA Youth of the Year winner because I would reinvest in the AMHA by working alongside them to create more opportunities for Youth as well as the promotion of the Morgan Horse Breed."

Allison Hall

Age: 18

From: Kent, WA 

Hobbies: Criminology, Backpack Buddies, Crowns of Courage, AMHA Youth Council

"Being selected as the outstanding Morgan Youth of the Year would help me achieve my goals of being a bigger part of the Morgan community and would help me to continue to promote the breed we all love."

Jessica Hyman

Age: 18

From: Fulton, NY

Hobbies: AMHA Youth Council VP of Public Relations

"I am always looking for ways I can improve and increase the interests of Youth in the Morgan community!"

Noor Jerath

Age: 17

From: Calyton, MO

Hobbies: Link Crew, Academic Competition Team

"I would like to be selected as the oustanding Morgan Youth of the Year because Morgan's have been such an influential part of my life for so long and I think that this competition is a great way to add a new dimension to my love for the breed by further education myself on its unique history and understanding the more actual aspects of horsemanship."

Kiana Pearson

Age: 18

From: Ballson Spa, NY

Hobbies: Marine Vertebrate Biology, Enviornmental Sustainability

"I plan on staying n the Morgan breed for the rest of my life, and would love to have a highly successful breeding program when I'm older, so being named as the Morgan Youth of the Year would mean a lot to me and make me feel like I am one foot in the door to my long term goal."

Louisa Quartuccio

Age: 15

From: Southington, CT

Hobbies: Riding and working on quads and dirt bikes

"I would like to be selected to the Morgan Youth of the Year because I am very dedicated to the breed and am always trying to improve myself."

Isabella Rinz

Age: 15

From: Akron, OH

Hobbies: Science, Volunteering, Dance, Choir and photography

"My ultimate goal is to become a veteranarian."

Mackenzie Rzepka

Age: 17

From: Novi, MI

Hobbies: Music, Dance and Viola

"If I won, I would use my money to donate to Morgan horse rescues like Morgan Safenet and Horsefeathers. Just like horses gave me a seond chance, they deserve one too."

Emilia Saint Loup

Age: 18

From: Midlothian, TX

Hobbies: Enviornmental Science and helping with her mother's Horse Rescue

"I would love to be selected as the Morgan Youth of the Year. It would be an honor to recieve this achievement of the behalf of equestrians like me, who have had to work hard for everything just to get the chance to show and do it with a horse that may not reach high awards in the show ring."

Natalie Sander

Age: 18

From: Mazomanie, WI

Hobbies: National Honor's Society, Band, Colorguard and the Trumpet

"Although there is always more to learn, winning this competition would quantify the hard work and dedication I have put into learning about the Morgan Horse."

Hyelim Shin

Age: 18

From: Plymouth, MI

Hobbies: 4-H and Biological Sciences

"I would love to be selected as the Morgan Youth of the Year to show my knowledge of the Morgan Horse, and the history behind the amazing industry."

Amanda White

Age: 18

From: Derby, KS

Hobbies: Swimming, Reading and baking for her friends

"I would love to be selected as the Morgan Youth of the Year because the Morgan breed has played such an important part in my life and I would be honored to represent the breed."

Abby Yanacek

Age: 15

From: Omro, WE

Hobbies: Link Crew, 4-H, Winnebago County Horse and Pony Project

"As the AMHA Youth of the Year I would love to represent the outstanding Morgan Horse conductive to promote its future and protect its fascinating history."