What's in a Name

Your membership name is very important information. It is the name in which your Morgans will be registered as well as the name used to list you in the AMHA Sales List and Directories. Knowing what's in a name will help you avoid problems with your membership and registry work.

When AMHA is notified of a Morgan's transfer of ownership, the horse is registered into the name of the new owner exactly as it is written on the Transfer Application. If this person is a first-time Morgan owner, he or she is assigned an Owner Number, which should be identical to the Member Number. A membership in this name and number entitles you to special rates and benefits in that name and number only. Membership benefits cannot be carried over from one Owner Number to another.

If you register your second Morgan in a slightly different name, a brand new Owner Number will be assigned. For this reason, it is extremely important to pay attention to the name you give when you do business with AMHA. Ideally, all horses will be owned in the same Owner Name and Number.

Since the Owner Name is permanent, AMHA cannot alter it. A name may be updated, but the identity cannot. For instance, if a woman marries and takes her husband's name, she can change her maiden name on her membership. However, she cannot add her husband's name to her account. If both the husband's and wife's name are desired, they must transfer her horse into a new account with both names. Likewise, in cases of death or divorce, AMHA cannot remove a name. A transfer of ownership must be made to change the owner name.

To check your Owner Name, refer to your Morgan Registration certificates. In the lower left-hand corner your Owner Name and Number are listed. This should be identified on every one of your certificates unless you have purposely registered horses in separate names. If there are variations, please contact the AMHA Registry Department to adjust your accounts.

Your owner name and number are your AMHA identification, but if we receive spelling variations of your name, you will have a variety of identities! Please check your registration certificates to verify that you only have one Owner Number. It is very easy to correct any duplications or variations, but you must notify us of them.

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