Justa Morgan Fun

This fun mini activity book is great for young Morgan enthusiasts and contains coloring and puzzle pages.

Morgan Horse Anatomical/Skeletal Page

This coloring sheet includes both a conformation chart and bone chart and has the Morgan standards of conformation and disposition listed on the back. A great resource for learning parts of the horse.

Puzzle It Out 

The AMHAY Puzzle-It-Out Program features a series of ten puzzles designed to introduce children to the versatile Morgan breed while challenging cognitive skills. These fun puzzles include pictures to color, a maze, a word search and more.

Click the link below to download and print the puzzles.  After youth complete all ten puzzles to the best of their ability, they return them to AMHA. Youth will earn prizes including pencils, buttons, keychains, rules, and a special grand prize!  These puzzles are great for youth clubs, summer camps, and for any horse crazy kids that want to learn more about Morgans.

The Puzzle-It-Out Program is free and open to all youngsters.

For more information on this program or to have puzzles mailed to you, contact or 802-985-4944.

Download Puzzle It Out

You Be The Judge

“You Be the Judge” is a program open to all ages who are interested in testing out their horse judging skills. Morgan horse shows are invited to offer this program to their exhibitors and spectators. “Judges” will be responsible for judging between four and six Morgan classes at each show from ringside. Their placings will be compared to the official placings of the show. Scores will be determined for each class and each participant’s total score will be calculated. Top scoring individuals will be recognized by the horse show.

AMHA Team Morgan Team Challenge

We all know how fun team sports can be and by incorporating Team Morgan Team Challenge at your horse show, you can reap the benefits of engaged and involved junior exhibitors!

The purpose of Team Morgan Team Challenge is to encourage team building among youth, especially those who would not normally work together, i.e. different training barn, different parts of the country, etc.  Additionally, the challenges will raise awareness of the benefits of team competition preparing young people to one day become a member of the international Morgan competition team, Team Morgan. Challenges can be held at any show including USEF recognized Morgan shows. For assistance with promoting your Challenge and recognizing your champions, be sure to let AMHA know the dates and results of your event.

The first step to organizing a Team Challenge at your show is to designate a Team Challenge Coordinator, who will be responsible for organizing, scoring, and management of the event. You also will want to prepare advertisements for your show publications, website, and prize list to educate exhibitors about the event and invite junior exhibitors to participate. It’s always good to mention what types of awards and prizes your show will be offering to top scoring teams.

For more information on the above activities, please contact the AMHA, (802) 985-4944,

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