Youth Council

The AMHA Youth Council is composed of 17 members, each selected for his or her devotion to the breed, creativity, and professionalism. Members of the Council strive to adhere to the following three goals, each reflecting values held by AMHA Youth:

  • To perpetuate and promote the Morgan’s long standing history of excellence, athleticism, intelligence, and willingness.
  • To attract equine-minded youth nationwide to AMHA Youth Programs by developing diverse, interesting, and effective campaigns and programs to increase youth involvement.
  • To offer guidance to other AMHA youth and serve as an exemplary role models. Members of the Council are not only representatives of their region, but AMHA.

The Executive Committee of the AMHA Youth Council includes the President, Vice-President of Finance, Vice-President of Public Relations, Vice-President of East Region, Vice-President of Central Region, and Vice-President of West Region. These positions require the youth to be at least 14 years old as of January 1 of the election year. Regional Delegates must be at least 12 years old at the time of application.

AMHA welcomes all youth interested in governance and leadership roles to run for the positions that form the Executive Committee. If you are a youth and would like to run for one of the above positions, please fill out a Declaration of Intent and submit it to Katie Hodges in the AMHA office.

For more information please contact AMHA, (802) 985-4944.

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2019 AMHA Youth Council

AMHAY President
Jillian Peek

AMHAY Vice-President of Finance
Kiana Pearson

AMHAY Vice President of Public Relations
Sophie Proctor

AMHAY Vice President of Marketing
Leigha Charpentier

AMHAY Vice President of Disciplines
Clea Cloutier

AMHAY Vice-President of Eastern Region
Allison Peek

AMHAY Vice-President of Central Region
Alicia Kollien

AMHAY Vice-President of Western Region
Grace Martin

Immediate Past President & Mentor
Sarah Kucza

Regional Delegates

Eastern Region
Taylor Hudson, Jessica Hyman

Central Region
Sydney LoCascio, Isabella Rinz, Lina Reis

Western Region
Nini Hodge, Grace Martin