Morgans by CH status


 Grand Champion Title

 Reg Number   Registered Name
144583 Adventure's Priority GCH
133572 Airegantlee GCH
140271 All Hail To The Chief GCH
144129 AMF Exodus GCH
151839 AMHF Bal Du Masque GCH
179410 Arboria Arion GCH
143686 Arboria Invictus GCH
172722 As Predicted GCH
164578 AZKachina Smoki GCH
0178754 Baccarat's Wild Thyme GCH
135317 Bear Brook Supreme Bar GCH
150992 Bellisimo GCH
149737 Bell South GCH
158559 BJL Ransom GCH
144451 Boogie Nights GCH
147731 Boston's Big Whammy GCH
095096 Bowood Elusiv Dream GCH
0154358 BPM Estralita De Oro GCH
172174 BPM Gold Dust GCH
183614 BRMF Lailani's Fireball GCH
173604 Cabot French Masterpiece GCH
151611 Canabar Kokopelli GCH
0180276 Canabar Masquerade GCH
148545 Can't You See MEM GCH
80432 Carlyle Command GCH
173826 CBMF Avenger GCH
0174291 CBMF Class Act GCH
178060 CBMF Head Of The Class GCH
180162 CBMF Hitting The Streets GCH
177299 CBMF Street Legal GCH
122621 CCR's Midnight Prowler GCH
125944 CCR's Outrajus Corajus GCH
176582 Cedar Creek Flambeau GCH

Cedar Creek Tour De Force GCH

149638 Cedarfarm Lancelot GCH
176625 CFF Personal Advantage GCH
144388 Chandelle High Noon GCH
153726 Cherrydale Acappella GCH
0169017 Cherrydale Melania GCH
0177765 CHMH Spice Town Girl GCH
177325 Cimi's Avant Garde GCH
149201 Cingate Jack Flash GCH
0175665 City Kitty GCH
167675 Cobridge El Dorado GCH
136964 Corrick GCH
158479 CN Grand Style GCH
154833 CN's Stylish Debut GCH
0158256 Cum Laude Nell GCH
133042 DAF Monte Cristo GCH
145725 D Bar J Habakkuk GCH
0148603 Delawares Night Life GCH
157382 Disco Fever GCH
164593 Disco Kid GCH
154517 Dragonsmeade Bulgari GCH
174966 Dragonsmeade Vivace GCH
0148330 Dreammaster J'st Sharper GCH
172743 EKL Assets Vision GCH
0169631 Enthusiastic GCH
179563 Epona's Mo'o Lio GCH
134029 Evil Knievel GCH
123555 Fair Haven Federal Xpress GCH
0169429 Faloria GCH
161254 Faragamo GCH
135365 Festival Calypso GCH

Fox Hollow Talk About Me GCH

174997 French Grand Design GCH
159913 FRF Backtalk GCH
0140341 FRF Center Stage GCH
0139356 Fury's Fortune GCH
145562 Futurity's Roman Torch GCH
0151247 Futurity's Such A Twist GCH
141089 Gaits Of Gold GCH
166108 GDT Boucheron GCH
123434 GPM Genesis B GCH
0176202 Gracious Moment Immortal GCH
147506 Grand Cru Beaujolais GCH
160772 Gradell Ring My Bell GCH
162022 Graycliff Jack Star GCH
0157436 Graycliff Miss Liberty GCH
164572 Graycliff Tony GCH
162653 Graywood’s Lennox GCH
142464 Gulfwind Sir William GCH
174673 Hagerbrook Superman GCH
165752 Harlan's Star Material GCH
156566 HDP Noble Warrior GCH
136555 Hermitage Avatar GCH
140661 Hi Bridge Regal Night GCH

Holiday's Bonita Fe GCH

179649 HollyBrook Domino GCH
123660 HollyBrook Indian Brave GCH
180969 Honore' De Balzac GCH
149295 HKV Flaire Park GCH
0172158 HP Yippie Ki-A GCH
150454 HRS Mirror Image GCH
138646 HyLee's Fanflaire GCH
154194 HyLee's Goldsmith GCH
166884 HyLee's The Devil I M GCH
0175929 Indian Creek Bali Ha'i GCH
0139236 Intrepid Immortal Beloved GCH
152007 Intrepid On Parade GCH
165610 Jane's Addiction GCH
152666 Jax Black Jack GCH
145242 JP's Livin On The Edge GCH
0178655 Jungle Love GCH 
162700 JW That Special Flaire GCH 
104403 Kern's Endeavor GCH
147508 Key Biscayne GCH
142787 KHF Bleeding Heart GCH
155786 Kryptonite GCH
157906 L A Ricochet GCH
137712 L'Cima Exclusive GCH
184128 Ledyard's Lucky Lucas GCH
149496 Light Year GCH
178154 LLL Tzar Alexander GCH
176384 Locutus GCH
154034 Lone Star Bill GCH
152668 LPS The Boogie Man GCH
169905 Lucky As Me GCH
138071 Mantic Top Gun GCH
162626 Maple Rose Ty One On GCH
0170754 Mantles Noble Essence GCH
165641 Match Box GCH
168198 MCS Bandini GCH
131215 Meadowair Yomen GCH
144719 Medomak French Invasion GCH
179603 Meet George Jetson GCH
153603 MEM Bailamos GCH
164556 M E M Blue Chip GCH
172350 MEM Mr Boston GCH
170304 MEM Once Again GCH
170583 MEM Tough Enough GCH
182452 Merriehill After Hours GCH
179608 Merriehill Black Label GCH
172703 Merriehill Home Stretch GCH
134962 Merriehill The Lion King GCH
179600 Miles Of Fortune GCH
165923 MLB Capo Di' Capo GCH
177717 MLB Power Play GCH
0169137 MLB The Ingenue GCH
0122257 More Apples Please GCH
163498 Morgan Valley Apollo GCH
175579 Most Wanted GCH
155701 Movado GCH
0172164 MSV Miss Belle GCH
133715 Nanton’s Bossanova GCH
155490 Narragansett Bay GCH
139095 Night Out GCH
158889 NKS Express Mail GCH
156394 No Contest GCH
175014 Optimus Prime GCH
177140 Pinecreek Immortal Vision GCH
0172221 Playmor's Shall We Dance GCH
171799 PLS High Pine Picasso GCH
145463 QVM Rocket Man GCH
0150774 Raindrops Good As It Gets GCH
0178554 Raintree Rebecca GCH
142460 Raintree Valedictorian GCH
130854 Richwood Magic Man GCH
142017 RJM Pardon My French GCH
142223 Roadshow Steppin Out GCH
130492 Roadshow Texas Playboy GCH
0164799 Roy-Els Belle Of The Ball GCH
170150 RWF Paganini GCH
174671 RWJ Commanding Topic GCH
154699 S G P Raizin Kane GCH
0163160 She's My Calendar Girl GCH
132744 Sight Unseen GCH
168595 Skywarrior GCH

SLB Andiamo GCH

159786 SpiceOLife Present Tense GCH
169696 SpringMill Stardust GCH
178924 SpringMill Superstition GCH
163463 SSLLC On Demand GCH
163315 Starbucks Precisely Right GCH
139143 Stonecroft Gothic GCH
155357 Stonecroft Notorious GCH
0163644 Stone Pine Dana GCH
179558 Superbad GCH
174980 Sutton Remembrance GCH
164699 SYP High Definition GCH
147698 Tamarisk On Target GCH
134432 Tara's War Eagle GCH
149313 The Wizard GCH
0151584 Tracemark Tapestry GCH

Tracemark Top Shelf GCH

140984 Trebles Double Exposure GCH
169655 Treble's Front And Center GCH
0182987 Treble's She's Mizbehavin GCH
144801 Treble's Tanqueray GCH
150875 Triple E's Casanova Joe GCH
169493 T-Towne Talk About Me GCH
097805 UC Rianna GCH
160099 Ultras My Guy GCH
0158938 Ultras Now And Forever GCH
175516 Ultras Private Eye GCH
147437 Ultras Proclaimation GCH
155062 Upper Echelon GCH
171276 UVM Odyssey GCH
170921 UVM Opportunity GCH
123770 UVM Windfall GCH
139831 Westenfeld Musicmaster GCH
162376 Whispering Incognito GCH
156322 Whispering Non-Stop GCH
153661 Whispering Suite Image GCH
154425 Whitemud Touch Of Blue GCH
150322 Wind Blu Locomotion GCH
139516 Wintergreen Marquis GCH
179752  WMS Hot August Knight GCH
177046 Zanetti GCH

Champion Title

Reg Number Registered Name
184388 Acorn Ridge Dutch Design CH
0157658 Akira Beijing CH
0166980 AMHF Spirited Heiress CH
154780 Apostrophe CH
175111 Armada Line Drive CH
130857 Atticus CH
156968 Bay Run Encore CH
175815 Bears Agent Double O Soul CH
187171 BMF Palladium CH
159810 Bonnie Lee Future Flair CH
173916 Brazada CH
120425 B Special Attraction CH
167211 Cabot On The Edge CH
0164568 Castleridge Que Sera CH
174290 CBMF Art Of War CH
182301 CBMF Aspirational CH
183546 CBMF Burn Notice CH
174122 CBMF Cease Fire CH
170492 CBMF Designer Touch CH
177606 CBMF Drive Me Wild CH
0170346 CBMF Guilty Pleasures CH
0157514 CBMF Infatuation CH
0180028 CBMF Random Hearts CH
165352 Cedar Creek Cariad CH
173254 Cedar Creek Danseur CH
137721 Chase Manhattan CH
0183556 Cherrydale Ariella CH
0148129 Cingate Suzy Q CH
13154-CN Cold Creek Cash CH
174378 CRD Great Expectations CH
143690 Crestfield Hi Command CH

Deer Park Echoing Lark CH


Dextrous Super Supreme CH


Disco Patricia CH


Distinguished CH


Dragonsmeade Black Dragon CH


DRF Suite Sensation CH


EQE Maker's Mark CH


EQ The Boogie Monster CH


Faith's First Impression CH

186411 FCM Prince Of Rock N Roll CH
182210 Feel That Fire CH
163284 FRF Outerlimits CH
128426 Futurity Diamond Rio CH
181817 GLB Man Of The Hour CH
168980 Glory Days CH
174168 GSK The Villain CH
158111 Hampshire Sergeant Tibb's CH
0149049 Highover French Krystle CH

Hipp's Prestige CH

0184967 HRH Cleopatra CH
167399 HVK Bold Monarch CH
161855 HVK Lord Of The Bluegrass CH
175927 Indian Creek Broadway Joe CH
0161758 JW I'm Outrajus Too CH
0173607 Ladies Night CH
0182214 LBJ Pure Elegance CH
182028 Ledyard's Eduardo CH
179756 Leonardo's Cry CH
174901 LNT Cassanova CH
169944 LPV Center Stage CH
179312 LPV Supreme Command CH
0150312 LR Amie Kestrel CH
175577 Lux Majestic CH
172349 MEM Attache CH
169807 MEM Bacardi CH
172826 MEM Gentlemen Jack CH
172404 MEM Look At Me CH
161471 MEM Thriller CH
0174897 Merriehill Roxie Hart CH
159724 Morgan Hill Montego Bay CH

Mt Pleasant Echos Quality CH

156814 NF Nikulas CH
0179781 Paddyngton's Keepsake CH
175601 Paradigm John Thomas CH
0148812 PKW Personality CH
181414 Playmor All Night CH
180493 Playmor's Here's Johnny CH
180433 Playmor's Ice Age CH
0162905 Queens Fancy Me CH
0176555 QVM Jocelyn Rose CH
175984 QVM National Anthemn CH
157672 Rae Of Light CH
167362 Rage CH
168041 RCV All The Rage CH
0152833 Roadshow Annie Oakley CH
0170036 Roy-El's Valentina CH
158240 RRG Ignite CH
170065 Saralin's Conductor CH
176526 Seasons Saber CH
0153053 Silverheels Lumination CH
182756 SLB Valedictorian CH
171744 SSLLC Primary Contender CH
0168350 Stone's Throw Contessa CH
0151179 Sunny Acres Sneek-A-Peek CH
148543 The Bachelor MEM CH
0184440 The X Factor CH
178407 Town Affair CH
160657 Treble's Mucho Uno CH
182933 Treble's Patent Pending CH
134590 Tropic Show Me CH
165886 Tudor Oaks The Real Deal CH
162365 Ultras Play It Again CH
0173841 Ultras Special Diva CH

UVM Martin St Louis CH

0184565 VL Zaia CH
189190 What's Up CH
0154052 Whetstone Limerick CH
180057 Willohaven Wild Child CH

Please refer to program rules.

Results displayed are only for horse enrolled in the Champion Title Program and reflect competitions licensed by the United States Equestrian Federation in the Morgan Division only, as received from those competitions. While we make every effort to avoid mistakes, we assume no liability to anyone for errors. Significant errors should be called to our attention by email, to; once the information is checked/verified, corrections will be made in the normal course of business.

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