Registry Forms

AMHA Affidavit Regarding Waiver of Signature

AMHA International Registry Reciprocity Handbook

Application for Dual Registration

Application for Duplicate Certificate

Application for Frozen Embryo/Oocyte Transfer

Application for Non-Frozen Embryo/Oocyte Transfer

Castration Report

Clarification Application

Coat Color Testing Application

Death Report Form

DNA Conversion Application

DNA Kit Request for Unknown Horse

DNA Kit Request

Horse Name Change Request

Membership Application

Notice of Frozen Semen Transfer

Notice of Lease Agreement

Prefix Application

Registration Application

Color/Marking Guidelines

Registry Fee Schedule

Sale or Disposal Without Registration Certificate; Non-Registration

Signature Authorization Form

Stallion Service Report

SynchroGait Test Application

What is the SynchroGait Test

Transfer Application

Step by step instructions for completing an AMHA Transfer application