Carriage Pleasure Driving

Carriage Driving is one of the oldest and most popular disciplines within competitive equestrian sport, with that comes much history and tradition.  Vehicles used in these classes range from 100+ year old antiques or stunning replicas made of wood or metal.  Classes can be shown with singles, pairs, tandems, unicorns or four-in-hands and are categorized by the criteria that the judges are using for each class.  Examples of criteria that are being scored and judged are: overall impression, performance, way of going, manners and neatness and correctness of turnout.

In carriage driving, the reference to carriage pleasure driving refers to a wide variety of driving classes/competitions.  From judged classes in a show arena, to scored drives on roads or trails and driven dressage tests or even speed events like a cones obstacle class. 

Each class has criteria that have been developed by whatever governing or organizing body who developed them.  In Morgan competitions, we primarily run under the United States Equestrian Federation’s rules and regulations. You will find the links below at the bottom of the page. 

The Morgan is a natural for carriage driving and opportunities both recreational and competitive are expanding—whether pulling a historical vehicle in a parade, navigating a cones course, or doing a driving derby.  The breed’s baroque structure and trotting ability give it the edge that has made it America’s premiere choice for this discipline.

USEF Carriage Pleasure Driving Rules

USEF General Rules

Many "Open to all breed" carriage driving shows and events run under the rules and regulations of the American Driving Society.

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