My Morgan & Me Program

Do you pleasure ride or drive your registered Morgan? Do you want to be rewarded for simply spending time and enjoying your Morgan? AMHA's My Morgan and Me Program was designed for YOU!

The My Morgan & Me Program, formerly the Pathways Recreational Program, was developed to reward your commitment to using and enjoying the great Morgan pleasure horse. When you join the My Morgan and Me program, you are one of the breed's best representatives because you’re promoting the Morgan's suitability for any job, be it work or play. In this program, you are recognized for the time you spend riding or driving your Morgan for pleasure, conditioning, training or doing groundwork, or bonding with your horse. You and many other Morgan owners report that they ride and drive their Morgans for sheer pleasure. This program was designed for people just like you!

Don’t own a Morgan? Not a problem! The My Morgan & Me Program is designed to reward the hours you commit to Morgans, so even if you’re grooming or taking lessons on another Morgan, that counts! With no time limit for completion of the award levels, you can also take as long as you need!

Hour Milestones for Awards:
75 hours
150 hours
300 hours
500 hours
1,000 hours
1,500 hours
2,000 hours
3,500 hours
5,000 hours
10,000 hours

Download: My Morgan & Me award application

For more information on this program, please contact AMHA, (802) 985-4944,

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